A lot of things happen in a researcher’s life :) stay tuned!

2022-05-19 - IP&M 2021 Ph.D. Paper Award 🏆

Happy to win an award with a paper I am so happy about: How well do hate speech, toxicity, abusive and offensive language classification models generalize across datasets? azores

2021-08-15 - Azores holidays and co-working…

After some beautiful holidays in Azores, I’m spending here September working remotely and finding inspiration for writing my PhD thesis :) azores

2021-08-15 - Feminicídio à Vista…

Developed and submitted the project “Feminicidio à Vista” to the prizes, both in EN and PT. nlp4pi

2021-08-02 - Some thoughts on NLP for Social Good…

I had the chance to expand my research focus and interest to NLP for Social good. Also presented at an ACL workshop :) nlppi

2021-08-02 - Two papers accepted at WOAH 5!

This year I am presenting the paper “MIN_PT: An European Portuguese Lexicon for Minorities Related Terms” in WOAH 5. Also, I’ve had the chance to collaborate in another paper at the workshop! This last related with the hate speech target and aspect identification.

2021-02-09 - Paper accepted in IP&M!

I am very happy to share that our paper “How well do hate speech, toxicity, abusive and offensive language classification models generalize across datasets?” got accepted in IP&M journal! This is a piece of work that I really like. It shows that automatic classification of hate speech is truly a challenge! This because it is difficult to detect hate speech when you use different data than the one you have seen before, and ML models are very limited when tackling the hate speech classification problem. code ipm

2020-05-11 - Paper accepted in LREC!

Our paper got accepted in LREC conference. Check it out in this link! In this work we propose a class standardization between different hate speech datasets! This is a fundamental step for dataset comparison. Unfortunately, due to COVID the conference was moved online :( lrec

2019-08-30 - Poster presentation at the Workshop of Online Abuse and Harms, 2019

I was very happy to travel to Florence and present the poster “A Hierarchically-Labeled Portuguese Hate Speech Dataset”. Check out the poster presented at the workshop together with so many interesting works. poster

2019-11-19 - Open Science Award 🏆

I was awarded the María de Maeztu DTIC-UPF Open Science Award!!! This corresponded to 1000 euros to further advance my research, which is great. At the PhD Workshop, I presented the Poster “Are Hate Speech Classification Results Reproducible? An Approach Using Deep Learning”. It was a lovely morning and an opportunity to share research with my phd colleagues and eat some Catalan sweets ;). It ended the best way for me, and I can’t stress enough how open source should be a common result of research! paper_award

2018-10-01 - Moving to Barcelona and PhD starting…

Barcelona and Pompeu Fabra University will be my home for the next years. Happily, I will continue my Master Thesis topic: hate speech automatic detection.

2018-07-30 - Paper published in CSUR!!!

I am very happy to share that our paper “A Survey on Automatic Detection of Hate Speech in Text” got accepted in CSUR journal! This is a survey paper that I’ve developed during my master thesis year and I hope it helps any other researchers in the field of online hate speech and related phenomenon. survey

2018-01-02 - Stop PropagHate Project awarded Google DNI Funding 🏆

We propose to develop models for hate speech classification and news analysis in our Stop PropagHate project. It was awarded a Google DNI funding (round 4). Media coverage media_coverage

2017-07-07 - Master thesis presented at FEUP

I finally presented my thesis “Automatic detection of hate speech in text: an overview of the topic and dataset annotation with hierarchical classes” and finished my degree in Informatics and Computing Engineer! What a challenge!